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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  January 1, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> live in bethesda. two are dead, three injured after a car crashes in the early morning. the latest coming up. >> a terrible crash in kensington where a lot of folks were walking around today. a live report coming up. >> a big change in the forecast. wind chill factors in the teet ns, and a warm-up. >> live in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:30. >> a deadly start to the new
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year after a young mand and woan and woman died when their suv crashed on jones' bridge road. the driver lost control and jumped the curve. we have more developments. >> the police have not identified thsoeose killed. we have watched people showing up who say this is an awful way to start the new year. >> paramedics began removing the three survivors from the chevy trailblazer. this vehicle with one woman and four men inside went off the road early this morning. >> i could hear the house
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fibratevibrate from the impact. >> a young man in the front seat and a woamnman in the back. >> he was my friend. i wanted them -- to drive all of them safe. i woke up to find out somebody didn't make it home. >> the 22-year old driver was taken to shock trauma. the two other young men have non-life therateningreatening injuries. there was a crash at another memorial from less than a year ago. >> there have been a lot of accidents. >> we need speed cameras to slow
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down traffic. >> this is where the suv ended up. the police can't say what contributed to this accident, if alcohol or speed was a factor. we have not learned the identities of those who lost their lives. >> in kensington, an elderly couple were struck by an out of control vehicle on summit avenue. the driver stayed at the scene and is also injured. we have the latest. >> a terrible case of wrong place, wrong time. directly across the street from that sidewalk. a car struck this couple as they were walking by and now they are
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fighting for their lives. >> a shattered windshield -- >> aond on thisnd on this first day an investigation into how and why these two -- were struck by this hyundai. >> it came to reestst where you see the vehicle. >> the accident -- they do not know why this hyundai drove off the roadway. >> he has lived here 20 years and keeps his children away from the road. >> i make sure they stay away from this street.
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>> there are talks of speed bumps on summit, but no real action. >> you have to pay attention and move quickly. >> speed alcohol distraction. police look into all these factors. >> with the new year, we have to change our lives. our heart goes out to the family. >> police describe the injuries as life-threatening. harrington was sent to the hospital. a lot of people walk around this area. the police have a lot to sort out. richard reed -- >> we sholduld note we will stay on top of both stories. for more updates go to new year means new laws, with
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new fees. there are new rules for abortion clinics. they must meet the standards of surgical centers, and an extra quarter at the gate. a five-cent bag tax is in effect. a winter storm warning for parts of our area. some may see flurries tonight. for more -- >> we look at colder temperatures thanks to a strong cold front. look at what is happening. high temperatures from the gulf. 60 degrees. here is the cold front but notice the pink across western maryland. this would be a winte rstormr storm
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warning. we could see more than 12 inches of snow by tuesday. what can we expect besides wind chill factors in the single digits. our forecast, in a few minutes. >> the forecast was for a positive one for the redskins, but now a disappointing end ot theto the season. >> not the best way to start. rex grossman -- you never like to see this. today's game sums up the season to a team that finished last for four years, and it was mike's worst season in 18 years of coaching. they get on the board as rex
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grossman holds a screen. the rookie comes up with it but limps into the end zone with a 27-yard touchdown. michael vick throws a deep bomb to deshawn jackson. he coasts into the end zone. later on, eagles pouring it on. he is wide open. he gets in for the touchdown. eagles crush them, 34-10. mike shanahan's record is lwoer ower than jim horn's. >> any time you are not in the playoffs losing 11 games we feel -- we would feel better, but we will be home during the
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playoffs. we can never be satisfied. >> how will this effect draft status? next in sports. >> still to come the santorum surge? the last-minute campaigning before the iowa caucus. and the ticket prices may double. and the -dad, why are you getting
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>> some developing news from washington state. a park ranger was shot and killed at mt. ranier national park. the park is closed as police search for the gunman. a u.s. serviceman is in jail for bringing explosives on an
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airplane. atwater was stopped as he attempted to walk through with explosives in his bag. the cost of getting richer is about to cost you a little more. powerball ticket prices may go up in the next few weeks. lottery organizers are hoping it will lead to more people playing, but others say they may not play at all. a big drop in t emperature. we will be back with your
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>> the republican presidential
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candidates wrap up their final week of campaigning. the latest des moines poll has ron paul and mitt romney neck and neck, with romney at 24%. rick santorum is gaining ground. >> on tuesday, we will find out more. my surge will happen on january 3. >> the other hopefuls include newt gingrich and michelle bachmann. we ask you to stay tuned for complete coverage of the iowa caucas. we will have live reports from des moines. the first new baby of the new year. she was born at 12-12 in the year 2012, -- 12:12 in the year
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2012. the parents -- they haven't settled on a name yet, but they have two other children. wwee say congratulations. >> temperatures well above average. you have to go to the west to see snow, and a lot of it. for western maryland. looking outside the whitehouse is quiet. the wind is picking up. high temperature was 60 degrees. 14 below zero in 1881. the frontal system moves to the
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east. not going to lead to a lot. the cold air will take time to move on. the wind chill factor, out of the south at 16 mph. earlier, wind gusts at 29 mph. high temperature was 57 and look at wintergreen virginia. wind gusts of 45 mph. temperatures falling into the low 40's. fredericksburg made it to 64 degrees at are at 55 degrees. 30 for st. marie. chicago and detroit. this is what is on the way. by tuesday we will be in the
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lower to middle teens. this is what will bring snow to western maryland. this is afor the overnight hours. we could see upwards of 12-15 inches of snow. but closer to -- no snow to speak of. a mix of sun and clouds. and then the cold air on tuesday and a warm-up by the end of the week. some drizzle for tonight. around 40-45 and it will feel 10 degrees colder than that. it will be around freezing. and a nice warm-up. back into the 40's. the lower and middle 50's.
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the ups and downs of the winter are snow-free for the metro area. travel could be dicey going on later into tomorrow. >> that's enough. >> without a doubt. the redskins will need help in the offseason. they'll have a good draft pick. another record-setting day in the nfl. the skins record is frustrating from the players. we will have a recap
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>> the toyota sports desk, by your local toyota dealers. >> today's redskins-eagles game was as meaningless as it comes with both teams out of
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contention. washington did not find -- but move up from the 7th pick. rex grossman with the play action. he beats anthony armstrong. it is batted in the air. later in the second, they attempt a field goal. the 5th blocked field goal of the season. he was shaken up bu tt stayed in. michael vick throws to the goal line. powerman goes in. grossman throws in an incomplete pass to santana moss. he takes off hsiis helmet and is fuming. grossman throws a screen.
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this is something to be proud of. a 47-yard touchdown. this was quite the play action. throws a bombg with jiceuice on it to jackson. 20-10 eagles. wide open. he powers into the touchdown. mike shanahan's two-year record is worse than jim thorne's. >> i was competitive but it is disappointing to finish the third quarter like we did. >> we played good football the first half. fourth quarter got away from us. >> what do you take away from this?
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>> hopefully it will be fuel for the fire. a lot of things happen. a lot of things to be learned. i am excited about coming back. >> hosting the panthers -- drew brees throws to marquez and he makes the catch for a 42-yard td. the saints are the third seed as the 49ers beat the rams. they faced him. they are the two-seed. lebron james got engaged to savannah brinson. she has a ring before he does. >> it may be a while. who knows. >> we
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>> new year's eve celebrations in alexandria. there go the ping-pong balls. they were treated to a laser light show. there was plenty of interactions with some 6000 ping pong balls that went in the air. >> and the nice weather to enjoy everything as temperatures tumble downward. by tuesday 32. 25-30 mph. single digits, lower to middle teens. a nice ramp in temperatures.
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>> they can find that -- >> that was it for us. thank you for
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